Deep Love Church Campaign Kit (Curriculum Kit)

by Anchor
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This 4-week church campaign by New York Times best-selling authors Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott is dedicated to one of the most important things we can ever do: build healthy and God-honoring relationships. Although the series has particular relevance to couples, it does not exclude single adults and applies to everyone invested in establishing strong relationships. This series highlights four of the most important issues for building successful relationships:
Week 1: Personality - because it\'s the best way to enhance empathy
Week 2: Communication - because it\'s the lifeblood of love
Week 3: Conflict - because everyone has friction
Week 4: Adaptability - because even good relationships bump into bad things
This kit contains:
Resource DVD with four sermon bumper videos
4 customizable sermons
Campaign Planning Guide
Web and social media graphics
A 4-week DVD-Based Study for couples with Lead