Daily Planet Goes to Australia: Race to the Rescue

by Cerebellum
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Race to the Rescue‰ۢ Explore the Sydney Harbour Bridge - the world's largest steel bridge, carrying up to 250,000 vehicles to and from Australia's financial hub.å?ۢ Follow a marine biologist as she completes comprehensive research on Australian manta rays and learn why her findings are so surprising.å?ۢ As one of the sunniest continents in the world, Australia receives approximately 3,000 hours of sunshine a year - almost double the amount of sunshine Canada receives.å?ۢ From goggles to greatness, find out why Australia's elite athletes are being blinded by science.å?ۢ Daily Planet takes a crash course in "lizard as a second language" with a unique Australian reptile - the Jacky Dragon.å?ۢ Ride alongside the Australian Wildlife Warriors as they race to rescue sick and injured wild animals across Queensland.