Daily Planet Goes to Australia: Natural Resources

by Cerebellum
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p>Natural Resources ‰ۢ As countries explore more efficient sources of energy, Australians prove they are moving ahead of the pack by using geothermal energy from the nation's red hot centre.åÊ ‰ۢ Travel to North Stradbroke Island off the coast of Brisbane to learn more about one of the oddest-looking underwater creatures in the world.åÊ ‰ۢ Deep in the soil of the Australian Outback is one of the world's most precious gems - the opal.åÊ ‰ۢ The kangaroo population is experiencing a growth spurt as their natural predators - the dingoes - are slowly disappearing.åÊ ‰ۢ Find out what ants are teaching experts about human behavior when scientists study these determined insects.åÊ ‰ۢ On Middle Island on the south coast of Australia, watch as Ingram and Jagtiani get lessons in the Australian art of sheep shearing. Learn the tricks of the trade as the Daily Planet hosts step into the sheep pen and try shearing these animals on their own.