Daily Fundamentals Gr 1

by Evan-moor
Daily Fundamentals will get your students focused and engaged as they begin the school day. The practice covers grade-level language, math, and reading skills in short daily activities. Daily Fundamentals can be used for morning work, bell ringers, homework, and informal assessment. With a detailed scope and sequence, you will always know the skills that your students are practicing and see where students need additional practice.

Key Features :

Monday–Friday: Full-page daily activities provide practice of grade-level language, math, and reading skills, focusing on one skill in each subject areaThe daily lessons progress in difficulty as students move through Day 1 to Day 5, and the weekly units progress in difficulty throughout the yearLanguage: grammar, mechanics, spelling, and vocabularyMath: operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base 10, measurement and data, time, money, and geometryReading: main idea and details, sequence, fantasy and reality, fact or opinion, character, author's purpose, and compare and contrast