Court Of Swans (A Dericott Tale) (Jan 2021)

by Anchor
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From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes a reimagining of the Wild Swans?the first book in a new series of fairy-tale retellings set in medieval England!Delia lives a quiet life as the daughter of an earl in late 14th-century England, but that peace is shattered when her seven brothers are betrayed by their father and falsely arrested. Meanwhile, with the Peasants? Revolt threatening the peace of the kingdom, the king is executing anyone who had anything to do with the uprising. Delia is terrified her brothers will be next, the youngest of whom is only ten years old.Delia infiltrates the palace as a lady-in-waiting for the new queen so she can be near her brothers in the Tower of London and help them escape. When she runs into Sir Geoffrey, the guard captain who arrested her brothers, she hates him?until she discovers he has been secretly carrying food to her brothers in their prison cell.Trapped into obeying the orders of his king, Geoffrey is the oldest son of an earl whose estate has been seized by the king and his treacherous advisers. His first mission as captain was to arrest seven brothers for treason, but he had no idea that the brothers were so young or that their sister would be so feisty and beautiful.In a court where everyone is eager to backstab anyone else to get what they want, Geoffrey must right this wrong for Delia and her brothers?and keep them all from losing their heads to this execution-prone king.