Coconut Numbers - Small - 0-9 - Set of 100

by Ready 2 Learn
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This set includes 100 brightly colored, circular coconut shell pieces with 10 sets of numbers 0-9 etched into the surfaces. Colors include blue, green, red, yellow and pink. Use these number chips as a hands-on resource for a range of activities including number recognition, counting and place value. The coconut shells are cut, cleaned and polished by hand and the pieces retain the concavity of the original coconut shape. They are naturally very strong and durable. Pieces are coated with non-toxic paint. Color quantities may vary. For ages 3+. Size: 1" dia.

Key Features :

i : 100 CRAFTY COCONUT COUNTERS -- This set includes 100 counters made of polished coconut shell, which are lightly painted in 5 different colors. Each counter features a number 0-9.
ii : NATURAL SENSORY PLAY -- These silky smooth tactile manipulatives retain the concavity of the original coconut shape. Letters are imprinted onto their surfaces for even greater tactility.
iii : SAFE AND NON-TOXIC -- These coconut tokens are coated with a non-toxic paint. Made of ultra-strong coconut shell, these chips outlast vigorous home and classroom use.
iv : MAKE COUNTING COLORFUL -- A versatile math learning tool, these counters help the development of essential skills: counting, sorting, addition, subtraction and number recognition.
v : VERSATILE COCONUTTY COUNTERS -- Let's go nutty for coconuts! Use these stunning natural counters for game pieces, bingo chips, DIY projects and crafts.
vi : CONSERVE WITH COCONUT -- Coconut Counters are made from renewable coconuts. Because of their durability, these math counters are a sustainable alternative to plastic.