Chosen Vessels

by Anchor
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\'Women of Color--Keys to Change\'\'African American woman.\' The phrase conjures up a variety of images: Sassy career women. Wise church women. Strong grandmothers. Welfare mothers. But how about \'chosen vessels\'? Or \'keys to change\'? Perhaps we need some new images.Women of color have historically been on the bottom of the economic and social ladder. But the paradox of the kingdom of God is that being on the bottom is a plus. God often chooses the rejected and despised to confound the wise and mighty (1 Corinthians 1:27-29). By examining our spiritual history and God-ordained destiny, this book is designed to help us turn the tide of evil in our own lives and the lives of our families, cities and nations.We are chosen vessels. This book will help us each to find our significance in the eyes of God.This revised edition includes new Bible studies to accompany each chapter.