Caring Enough to Help the One You Love

by New Leaf Press
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A wife hurts. Her husband and her children will not respond to her concerns. What has gone wrong? A husband fears his wife‰۪s growing aloofness. A single person loves someone deeply, but the risk is high for a commitment. ‰ÛÏWhat shall I do?‰۝åÊThese and many other real life situations convinced Richard Dortch of the need for practical, basic help for hurting individuals and families. There are solutions for hurting people. Richard Dortch, who has been through the fire of defeat and crippling stress, brings healing to those frantic to help the ones they love. In Caring Enough to Help the One You Love, Dortch gets down into the arena with those who are hurting, offering his wealth of personal experience and wisdom to all in need of help. Do you love and care enough to help?