Candle-Sanctuary Light-Olivaxine-14 Day (Pack Of 9) (Pkg-9)

by Anchor
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These 14-Day Olivaxine Sanctuary Candles will burn continuously in your sanctuary or chapel for 2 full weeks, providing 14 days of beautiful, effort-free light. Olivaxine is a blend of beeswax for dependable performance at lower cost. Package contains 9 candles. In the picture, this candle is # 762. Manufactured by Emkay. Emkay uses the highest quality of beeswax available and is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of beeswax candles. Founded in 1925 in Syracuse, New York, Emkay???s reputation for excellence spurred its growth, and the company now supplies top-quality candles and related products to churches around the world. Emkay products are used in churches around the world because of their high quality, consistency, and affordability. From long-burning altar candles to all-occasion tapers, Emkay???s products will light up every moment in the life of your church.