Can God Create A Rock So Big He Cant Move It?

by Anchor
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The title question is asked of many first-year seminary students. It is one of the most important spiritual questions of all time. This book answers the question definitively.

The reader will be shocked to discover how clear the answer has always been. Darek Isaacs engages the reader in a fun riddle that he uses as a helpful anecdote.

Darek Isaacs shows how the Lord has equipped us to see the evidence of His existence. The reader’s faith will be strengthened as he sees how common sense is on the side of the believer. In the process, Darek exposes the foolishness of secular world philosophies that are deceiving so many people today.

This intriguing book is for young Christians, Christian parents who are concerned about their children being influenced by secular forces, and evangelists and apologists of all kinds.