Calorie Queens

by Anchor
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320 pages
6 x 9
ed up with trendy diets, a mother and daughter share the self-created down-home diet that helped them shed over 300 pounds.

Jackie Scott and her daughter Diane Scott-Kellum had tried just about every diet under the sun, sometimes losing weight but always gaining it back. So, with the help of Jackie\'s husband, Brett, a board certified neurosurgeon, they developed their own diet complete with menus, shopping lists, over 100 recipes, and generous helpings of common sense.

They soon discovered that not only did their calorie-based diet work for them (Jackie lost 100 pounds, Diane over 200 pounds, and even Brett lost 50 pounds) but it worked for their friends. This is not a starvation or a fad diet. It\'s not really a diet at all. It\'s about learning how to eat for a lifetime from two real women who have been there and are making it work.