Calling on the Prophets (May 2021)

by Anchor
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All the prophets are to be taken seriously by Muslims. They know the names of many Bible characters and often know Islam?s version of their stories. Most Muslims, however, are also aware that they do not know the whole story. This book is about sharing the precious truth of the gospel by referencing characters on whom Muslims themselves set a high value. Calling on the Prophets offers helpful, practical conversational habits to initiate, navigate, and steer conversations through the common ground of our prophetic heritage. This is not a method to replace all others; it is an extra ability to add to our skill set. In the first four chapters, Colin Bearup lays out the principles and sets ground rules for respectful, fruitful conversations. The next ten chapters apply these principles to fourteen Bible characters known to Muslims as prophets. If we master the approach, we can engage in these example conversations and successfully delve into others. None of these ideas are totally new, but they are brought together in one slim volume by a worker with forty years of mission experience who can illustrate the approach with real-life examples. Here is an opportunity to learn new ways to enhance our effectiveness in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.