C D - Y ou C an B e A D iscerner (3 CD Set)

by Anchor
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You really can become \'heaven aware.\'In his new 6 message series on 3 CD\'s, You Can Be a Discerner, James Goll demonstrates how to receive revelation through your natural senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste - and how to activate your supernatural senses to a greater degree than ever before. Heaven is in constant operation - around you! - and much of the activity is for your benefit. This series provides a clear introduction for beginners looking for God\'s direction and a challenging call for those already familiar with His leading.James helps remove uncertainty about how to discern revelation and test the spirits - so you can hear clearly and fulfill God\'s purposes. It\'s about finding your place in Jesus. To do that, James calls you to grow into the fullness of your senses.