Business By Design

by Anchor
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Learn the keys that unlock success in God’s economy. Most Christians in business have never been taught how to bring the gap between the sacred and the secular. They feel a call to ministry without realizing that business can be their ministry. Drawing upon Jesus’ parables from the Gospels and stories from life experience, The Love of Business will help any aspiring Christian business leader who desires to find true success in the kingdom of God.The Love of Business will help you to: Develop a kingdom-minded, eternity-driven mind-set.Love God and others (the golden rule) in the marketplace.Apply God’s economics and righteous character in business, leading to generosity, compassion, forgiveness, and diligence.Explore what Jesus said about business and keys that unlock success.Implement God’s upside-down kingdom principles.Learn godly uses of profit to promote God’s kingdom.The teachings and example of Jesus can transform the way you work. Join your faith and work, discover your ultimate purpose, and be the light of the world.