Building On The Rock

by Anchor
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How should we define our identity as Christians? In contrast, how do we actually define ourselves, usually? So many Christians struggle because they find their identity and self-worth in things that are ultimately unworthy and utterly unstable. We express ourselves in our achievements or success, in our appearance or our career, and even in our church activities or our family. And this can only lead to disappointment, disillusionment, legalism, and even the abuse of others, as we relentlessly seek to prove and assert ourselves.
In this short but powerful book, Peter Maiden shows how we must find our identity in Christ if we are to have any stability. As the people of God, we can know our place is eternal and unshakeable, relaxing in the security and certainty of family. We are sons and daughters of God, welcomed into his family through grace, which has been sealed by an eternal covenant.