Building Blocks In Life Science: From Genes & Genesis To Science & Scripture

by Anchor
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Looking at biology through the prism of the \war of the worldviews,\ Building Blocks of Life Science sets the \4 C\'s\ of biblical history: Creation, corruption, catastrophe, and Christ, against Darwin\'s \substitute god, an alternate religion.\ Throughout, author Gary Parker contrasts creationism with what evolutionists believed in the past, as well as other elements they currently believe.

Unit 1 covers genetic biological changes, unit 2 covers patterns in structure and development, and unit 3 focuses on DNA. Individual chapters cover genetics, macro and micro evolution, the limits on natural selection, mutations, missing links, DNA, cells, and more.
Illustrations and charts help to clarify concepts; though no experiments are included, end-of-chapter questions help with retention and assessment. 158 pages, softcover. Answer key included.