Broken For Good-Hardcover

by Anchor
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A daughter\'\'s narrative about life with and without her father, who comes to faith in his last hours, giving his Christian wife and daughters peace that they will be reunited with him. Like a majority of Christian women, Rebecca, her mother, and her two sisters love a man who does not share their faith. As his cancer strikes again, after years of remission, they face his last days. As the women in his life struggle to savor their final times together and let go, he finally comes to the Lord, and tells them so. Her father\'\'s death opens the landscape of heaven and hope to her. She beautifully renders those visions as well as the underbelly of sorrow as she is finally forced to wake up to the world, to new hungers, and to a far more dangerous faith. Here is a spiritual coming of age manifesto that will take its place alongside Voskamp and Lamott as uplifting writing on loss, grief, and growing up, quick.