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God let us go broke.\ \Dead broke. We got caught in a horrible swirl of depressed housing markets, of sagging businesses, of long periods of underemployment and then unemployment, of debt from uncovered medical expenses. All of this hit at once, leaving us wondering where on earth we’d land, dependent on the kindness of family and friends to even attempt to make ends meet.\ \And yet, when I asked God to let me find him (really find him) and to know him (really know him) and to see him and smell him and taste him and sense his presence and his wondrousness all over the darned place like I had as a kid, he broke me. Clean open. Snapped and shattered.\ In this way Caryn Rivadenaria invites us to join her on a frank journey into both a financial and spiritual desert. She reflects openly on the struggles so many of us can identify with. And she models with integrity how she continued to pursue God even through these dark days. In these pages you will find a safe place to explore your brokenness and to seek solace.