Brief Against Obama

by Anchor
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In late April of 2011, nationally syndicated talk show host, law professor and New York Times bestselling author Hugh Hewitt asked his radio audience for their reasons why they wouldn\'t vote for President Obama\'s re-election. A tidal wave of answers flowed in, and Hewitt quickly started \The Obama Project\ to catalogue and rank the answers.

THE BRIEF AGAINST OBAMA is the top 50 reasons to vote against the president, short essays that dive into the many accounts of why our current leader is unfit for reelection. Topics include:

1. Obamacare

2. The failed $850 billion stimulus

3. High, persistent unemployment

4. Gas prices

5. The 2012 budget\'s fecklessness

6. Massive deficits each and every year

12. The Libyan Fiasco

16. The President\'s push for cap and tax in the Congress

...and the list goes on.

This book is the perfect primer for any anti-Obama voter seeking to sharpen their arguments or to give to the undecided in their lives, as the crucial election approaches.