Breaking The Power Of Familiar Spirits

by Anchor
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This book will help me gain insight, and if needed, deliverance from familiar spirits, which if even entertained can cause havoc.

Familiar spirits operate unnoticed, covertly influencing culture; race relations; religion; and professional, political, and entertainment platforms. Having a consensual relationship with familiar spirits is very dangerous, but it is most harmful to entertain these spirits unaware.

This book exposes how prevalent familiar spirits have become in the church and society, and how Christians can guard against them. Familiar spirits attempt to enter lives unnoticed, so they can get believers to buy into false beliefs and veer down ungodly paths.

No longer can the church see only with natural eyes. Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits exposes these demonic forces, reveals how they operate, and shows readers how to defeat them. The enemy would like nothing more than to thwart Christians’ destiny. This book will help believers stand against those attacks and break free of harassing spirits they may have unwittingly allowed in their lives.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS:•Helps readers recognize the activity of familiar spirits
•Reveals the dangers of tattoos, horoscopes, body piercings, and psychic readings and how they can lead to demonic harassment
•Includes real-life situations and testimonies, and prayers for defeating these spirits