Born For This (Jun 2019)

by Anchor
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Based on the successful off-Broadway play of the same name, BORN FOR THIS gives a candid and close-up look inside the personal and professional lives of the Winans, the royal family of Gospel music.Benjamin \BeBe\ Winans always knew he was born to be a gospel singer. Growing up watching his four older brothers perform fueled his dream to be on stage, and as teenagers, BeBe and his younger sister CeCe were offered the opportunity to move from Detroit to North Carolina and join the Praise the Lord Network, hosted by the eccentric Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Under the Bakkers\'\' wings, BeBe and CeCe became the most popular televangical stars in America and soon found themselves choosing between the temptations of fame and fortune and their family values.BORN FOR THIS follows BeBe\'\'s career and details his duo with CeCe and their dramatic stint with the Praise the Lord Network as well as fascinating stories about Jim and Tammy Faye; having the legendary Whitney Houston as their background singer; crossing over to the mainstream and performing solo; and having nine gold and platinum recordings and winning six Grammy awards. Join BeBe as he recounts his funny yet emotional journey to achieving his iconic status, and ultimately, to self-discovery.