Big Why?

by Anchor
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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. This causes believers to question God and His motives.
\Why did he die?\, \How could God let that happen?\, and \Is God trying to test me?\ are common questions, even among the strongest believers in God\'s Word.
Walter Hallam, through his own family\'s tragedy, reveals the answers God gave him to these questions and more. Be encouraged as you learn about God\'s true nature, and master the steps to avoid tragedy in the future.
About the Author
Pastor Walter Hallam has been actively serving the Lord since his youth. He knew at an early age that God had called him to preach. Still, he ministered as layman in his local church until 1985. God then placed in his heart to move with his wife, Cindy, and their children to Texas City, Texas and begin a church.
Pastor Hallam, a powerful and dynamic speaker, ministers the good news of the Gospel with authority. He operates effectively in the gifts of the Spirit through the gifts of healing, faith, miracles, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and prophecy. Having a strong apostolic anointing, Pastor Hallam is often referred to as a pastor to pastors.