Big Feelings, Bigger God (Aug 2021)

by Anchor
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This 13-week devotional is designed for boys and girls ages 6?9 whoare learning how to identify, understand, and handle their ever-changing big emotions. Big Feelings, Bigger God offers young readers (and their families) true-to-life stories that depict the entire range of emotions children (and adults) experience.Big Feelings, Bigger God also offers specific life situations that reveal and then deal with anger, frustration, irritability, discouragement, and depression to happiness, joy, peacefulness, courage, compassion, understanding, and selflessness. If there?s an emotion, Big Feelings, Bigger God explores it through age-appropriate storytelling.Each chapter features:- A short verse from the book of Psalms for discussion and memorization- A Think About It section with three suggested exercises to encourage finding comfort and hope in God?s word (specifically the Psalms)- A recommended Take Action step to cement the biblical truth in the child?s heart- And a brief prayer model for the child to recite aloud that encourages an ongoing dialogue with God.Target audience: Children aged 6-9