Big Argument: Does God Exist?

by Anchor
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John Ashton, the editor who brought us In Six Days: Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation and On the Seventh Day: Why the Faith of 40 Scientists Rests in the God of the Bible, has done it again with this compelling new book. Ashton brings together the evidence of 24 scholars from the fields of science, archaeology, and philosophy to present an irrefutable argument for the existence of God.

Experts such as Werner Gitt (In the Beginning Was Information), and Andrew Snelling ( The Answers Book) combine their knowledge in their respective fields and present a compelling and persuasive case to skeptics. Although written by experts, this persuasive book is easily understood by the layperson. An excellent tool for Christians who want to broaden their knowledge of apologetics and learn to defend their faith more easily, this book is an essential for any Christian or church\'s library.