Bible Study Made Easy

by Anchor
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How can you dig deeper into the Bible? Enjoy a solid, easy-to-understand overview of inductive Bible study with Rose\'\'s Bible Study Made Easy.Featuring charts, simple summaries, and practical tips, this quick guide is a great introduction, going step-by-step through the basic principles of Bible study. Discover how to use concordances, find out how to dig deeper with Bible dictionaries, and learn how to apply God\'\'s Word to your life through inductive Bible studies.It covers: 7 “first steps” to take when beginning a Bible study 8 basic principles of Bible study Dozens of study tips and recommendations, including which key Bible verses, passages, and books of the Bible to explore 3 keys to inductive Bible study and the S.O.I.L. four-step approach that explains how to dig deeper into the BiblePerfect for individual study, discipleship, small groups, adult Sunday school classes, youth groups, and new believers\'\' classes!ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE MADE EASY SERIES: Books of the Bible Made Easy 9781628623420 Understanding the Holy Spirit Made Easy 9781628623444 World Religions Made Easy 9781628623451