Bible Orientation Volume 2

by Anchor
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Welcome to \Bible Orientation\.

This curriculum:
- teaches children to read the Bible themselves
- includes a lesson for every Bible book
- requires minimal preparation
- is fun and interactive
- is linear and flexible; move at your own pace
- demands few materials, this book and a Bible for each student
- includes an optional visual aid component
- is suitable for Sunday School, Christian School and Home School
- is ideal for grades 2-6

In this volume (Job-Daniel) children discover metaphors for God in the praise and prayers of the Psalms. They find Jesus in Isaiah. They replay Job\'s conversations with his friends and measure their own thinking by the Proverbs. Pictionary and mime bring the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel to life. Then they meet teenaged Daniel, the dream teller, and follow him up to the king\'s palace and down to the lion\'s den.

Enjoy growing Bible-smart kids!