Bible-In-Life/Reformation Press Winter 2018-2019: Preschool Creative Teaching Aids (#1011)

by Anchor
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Essential audio and visual resources to go with the Teacher\'s Guide. Enhances lessons with Bible-art posters and figures, puppets, a quarterly attendance chart, a music PraisePac CD-featuring three original worship songs that correlate with each of the three units per quarter-downloadable music charts, lyric sheets, and postcards. Need one per class.


Essential teaching tools to go with the Teacher\'s Guide
Bible story posters, flannel-graph figures, and stand-up figures
Wooly lamb and shaggy donkey puppets
CD with song for each unit (stereo and instrumental), lyric sheets, music charts, and PDFs of \happy birthday\ and \miss you\ postcards
CD is reproducible so it can be shared with families
Attendance chart