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Betrayal can be devastating. But it is possible to find healing from its effects and move forward with God’s perfect plan for our lives.
In a day and time when betrayal, both public and private, seems to be at the root of so much of the pain in the world—political scandals, divorce, infidelity, abuse, stock fraud and the list goes on—we ask ourselves, Is there a way to avoid it? What can we do as Christians to deal with it, learn from it and survive to fulfill the destiny God has called us to?
Betrayed uses the example of Jesus and His interaction with Judas to give us a spiritually sound example of how we can deal with the betrayal in our lives. With a focus that is inspirational and full of hope, Randy Valimont covers topics that include:
How to identify a betrayer in your life
What Satan hopes to accomplish through betrayal
Practical biblical solutions to dealing with betrayal
How to find healing and move on