Bethlehem Night

by Anchor
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Bethlehem Night begins on the road with Mary and Joseph, telling the story of the Savior\'s birth in poetic form. It\'s the story of Luke 2:1-20, focusing on the journey to Bethlehem, the search for a place to stay in the town, the birth of Jesus, and the angelic message to the shepherds.

The language is simple but poetic, retelling the account of the Savior\'s birth while remaining true to the Biblical text. The text unfolds the Christmas story, focusing on the struggles of Mary and Joseph and the humility of God in the flesh born in a stable.

The message of Bethlehem Night is to accurately portray the love of God, manifested in the person of Jesus Christ (born as an infant at Christmas); and to boldly confess the divinity of the Christ Child and His saving work brought to us through Word and Sacrament.