Beloved Of Beloved, Bride Of Brides, Song Of Songs

by Anchor
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NO! It is not a sexual encounter of King Solomon\'s. YES! It is a prophetic history of God\'s people from the cross to the coming. NO! It is not a mistake that it is found within the Sacred Canon. YES! It is the result of one holy man of God who spake as he was moved by the Holy Ghost. NO! It is not written in language easily understood or appreciated. YES! It may be an embarrassing enigma until one decodes the prophetic symbols. You are about to begin an exciting journey down the Emmaus Road. Jesus Christ the Beloved is going to open to you treasures new and old. Enjoy. It will be a journey of some 365 days. It is a unique devotional in that the secrets of a drama come to light in a new and, shall we say, startling and unexpected way. You\'ll enjoy. As in any new venture, one needs to \ hink outside the box,\ \move out of one\'s comfort zone,\ and even challenge the thinking and be like the Bereans, who checked out the Apostle Paul to make sure he was preaching the Word of the living God. By thus doing, one fortifies the mind.