Believe It Or Not Bible Studies

by Anchor
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Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies highlights 13 wild---but true---Bible stories that pack powerful points. With attention-grabbing true Bible stories, outrageous, memorable activities and intense scriptural truths, your teens will learn the Bible like they never have before...and love every minute of it! Guaranteed to provoke discussion in any group, these easy-to-prepare lessons are flexible enough for 30-, 45- or 60-minute lessons. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction An Unusual Messenger: Balaam\'s Donkey - God Knows our heart Forgiving God, Forever Loyal: Ehud & the Fat King - God Forgives Using the Unexpected: Jael and the Tent Peg - God can use anyone An Odd Weapon: Samson and the Donkey Jaw - Nothing is impossible with God Gods Rightful Place: Dagon\'s Fall - We must honor God Unbelievable Power Elisha and the Bears - God has amazing power Healing Water: Naaman\'s Baths - We can trust God Amazing God: Ezekiel\'s Vision - God\'s glory is beyond our comprehension Dead Bones Rise: The Valley of Dry Bones - God alone bring us life A Marriage with a message: Hosea\'s Marriage - God is faithful Sight and Salvation: Jesus places spit on a Blind Man - God makes us whole Falling andFailings: Eutychus\' Fatal Nap - God is full of Grace Snake Attack: Paul and the Snake - God Protects us Scripture Index.