Before You Live Together

by Anchor
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You\'re about to make a decision that will take your life in a totally new direction- one that will have a lasting impact on you and someone you love. If you\'re wrestling with that decision, that\'s all to the good, because now is the time to stop and set your emotions gently aside- a time to sort through your own feelings, as well as other people\'s opinions about what\'s best for you.

The basic message of Before You Live Together is candid, and thoughtful- one that uses true stories to illustrate different living-together situations and their outcomes. It also addresses the basic questions and issues you may have asked yourself, including:
* This is the best way to find out if we\'re compatible, isn\'t it?
* Why do we need a piece of paper to tell us we are committed to each other?
* It\'s so much cheaper than paying two rents, isn\'t it?

While this book presents biblical values in a compelling and loving way, it never lectures, but instead seeks to help you decide what is best for both of you. Read it for yourself. Read it with the one you love. Read it to make the right decision at a time when it matters most.