Beauty Begins-Softcover

by Anchor
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As a powerful mother-daughter team, Chris and Megan Shook challenge mothers of teen/college age girls to trade the pressure of perfection for God\'s perfect love. True beauty is more about the heart than the mirror, and in this book mothers and daughters will learn to achieve a healthy mindset about their bodies and their immeasurable worth. Writing from their personal experiences as mother/daughter, Chris and Megan Shook insist it\'s never too late to begin conversations about what beauty truly means. While they open up poignantly about their own relationship, this book will appeal broadly to all women and the unique characteristics of a woman\'s relationship with God. Learn to distinguish between counterfeit beauty and the real thing. Be encouraged that\'s it not too late to begin conversations about true beauty with your daughters, your granddaughters, your nieces, your female friends, and most importantly, yourself. From the book, \Is it possible to determine what true beauty is by studying the real thing as opposed to all the counterfeit offerings we\'re presented with every day? And if so, where would you start in studying the real thing?\