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by Cerebellum
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Six colorful stories of Kelso and his Willow Pond friends demonstrating each of the five character traits, plus a bonus story of the pond critters using all the character traits together. Includes discussion questions throughout each story and reinforcement tips for instructors.åÊWillow Pond is home to fuzzy creatures, feathery creatures, scaly creatures, and slimy creatures. They work and play together, but getting along isn‰۪t always easy. Through six different stories, Kelso the Frog and his pond friends go through everyday turmoil, but manage to work their way to a happy ending by learning the importance of good character.åÊStory One: Splash LandingsåÊA noisy flock of ducks discovers how their actions can affect others, and learn the importance of being RESPECTFUL.åÊStory Two: Mud SlidesåÊA group of acrobatic otters teach Lily how to slide with style as Lily learns what it means to be CARING.åÊStory Three: Toby‰۪s LodgeåÊTrouble A veteran beaver rushes to fix the beavers‰۪ lodge, but it‰۪s not a job for one. Kelso teaches the beavers that sometimes teamwork is needed to make things FAIR.åÊStory Four: Summertime CastlesåÊTwo turtles spend their days playing as summer comes and goes. Winter is getting dangerously near, and it takes a hardworking squirrel to get them out of a bind by showing them what being RESPONSIBLE means.åÊStory Five: Bandit BrothersåÊTwo devious raccoons tiptoe around Willow Pond, taking bits and pieces of goodies from the other creatures. But when they go too far Kelso must teach them the meaning of being HONEST before they hurt a good friend.åÊStory Six: finale ‰ÛÒ The Work PartyåÊAfter a long and exciting summer, Willow Pond is in shambles. Kelso must gather Lily and the rest of the pond creatures to repair the damage while using all five character traits to get the job done.