Awaken The Outlaw Magician And The Hero Inside

by Anchor
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Every great adventure has an Outlaw, a Magician, and a Hero. Discover that you are all three in the adventure of your life.
The Outlaw is the disruptor of all things normal. The Magician is the figure who brings about transformation. And the Hero is the person who has overcome temptation and returned back to society to bring back knowledge and wisdom to benefit everyone else. Consistently, we see these figures in our lives, our stories, and especially as Christians, in our faith. Stroup explains that we find them in the Bible because each is present within each of us.

It was only when we discover this combination—Outlaw, Magician, Hero—that we finally start to understand the different aspects, behaviors, and inclinations within ourselves. Each of these figures can conflict with each other unless they work together. No one was meant to live the life given to them by someone else. Instead, we are meant to live the life deeply implanted within us at the moment of creation.

The world is a better place because we develop an awareness of these parts of ourselves and take the risk of breaking through normal to find a new normal—one where our gifts, abilities, notions, and hunches lead us to a place of satisfaction and fulfillment. This book helps all of us find that place.