Auto-B-Good: Shifting to High Gear DVD

by Rising Star
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Special EditionIncludes 3 Brand NEW Christian Music Videos"Give More""Open Arms""It's Enough For Me"Chapter 1 - A Taxing ProblemWhen a tire shortage that hits the City of Auto keeps Miles from competing in the State Safety Derby, Johnny has an opportunity to look past his selfish ways and make a real sacrifice.Chapter 2 - Issadora's BoxIt's Izzi's birthday soon, but she wants to open her present now. The result is trouble for the whole town, but there is more than one character in this story who needs a lesson in self-control.Chapter 3 - Extreme Overhaul The popular TV show "Extreme Overhaul" has Derek believing he's just a regular truck with a boring life, but after getting his new look he discovers his old life wasn't so bad after all.Bonus Episode - The Secret of SuccessRun Time: 53:50