Auto-B-Good: Mission Possible DVD

by Rising Star
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Special EditionIncludes 3 Brand NEW Christian Music Videos"I am Determined""Following the Lord""All About Me"Chapter 1 - Daring Dreamers Miles dreams of climbing mountains, but is afraid and Izzi wants to be on the Rescue Squad, but is too small. Through hilarious adventure these two learn it will take determination and friendship to hold on to their dreams.Chapter 2 - Get The OomphA high octane energy drink, gives EJ the "Oomph!" he needs to challenge Mr. Morgan's soccer record, but when the dangerous drink is banned, EJ must weigh the price of winning at all costs.Chapter 3 - Cotu ComicsThe laws of science are stacked against EJ and his dream of flying, but with the Professor's wise words about the power of imagination, EJ soars to unexpected new heights.Bonus Episode - Courage Under FireRun Time: 52:00