Auto-B-Good: In the Land of Odds DVD

by Rising Star
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Special EditionIncludes 3 Brand NEW Christian Music Videos"God Won't Let You Down"‰ÛÏOur Responsibility‰۝‰ÛÏLove Never Stops Believing‰۝Chapter 1 ‰ÛÒ The Land of Odds (Dependability)Johnny thinks being dependable means being 'boring' however when the Professor's invention takes Johnny to the Land of Odds, his opinion quickly changes.Chapter 2 ‰ÛÒ Growing Responsible (Responsibility)Cali just loves shopping! She needs a job so she can shop more and comes up with a plan to "let" her friends be responsible for her task instead.Chapter 3 ‰ÛÒ Sunny Side Up (Goodwill) One small thought, three friendships. Can one small thought be enough to hold these relationships together?Bonus Episode ‰ÛÒ Stage Fright (Consideration)Approx. Run Time: 50 mins. Episodes are in English and Spanish. The Music Videos are English Only.