Audiobook-Audio CD-Gods Unstoppable Breakthrough

by Anchor
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Experience Gods Unstoppable Breakthrough and Blessings!

“I’ve never heard such powerful revelation about going over the wall of impossibilities in your life!
—Sid Roth

There are times when God dramatically breaks through the obstacles in our lives with His presence and power, bringing instant change and deliverance. His sovereign hand can move at any moment, and we should live in anticipation of that happening.

But what can you do when the mountain doesn’t move, when God’s promises aren’t fulfilled right away, when the breakthrough doesn’t come instantly, even when you pray and stand in faith?

When it looks like nothing is happening, God is still mightily at work to bring about change because He is unstoppable! When the mountain doesn’t move, He will raise you up so you can go over it!
God’s Unstoppable Breakthrough gives you the answers you need to live in constant and consistent breakthrough. The trials of life have no power to keep you from being fruitful, receiving divine blessings, and fulfilling the plans God has for you. You can rise up over your mountains of difficulty, opposition, and hindrance. Every negative situation will divinely position you to be where you need to be in life. Then, your breakthrough will become a breakthrough and blessing for others, too, enabling them to rise over their own mountains of difficulty!