Audiobook-Audio CD-God Loves You (Unabridged)

by Anchor
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We can have an intimate relationship with God, discover His purpose for our lives, and access His provisions for daily living by understanding the true nature of His love for us.

That God loves us is the most profound truth in the universe. Experiencing this love has the potential to answer every question, solve every problem, and satisfy the deepest yearnings of the heart. So why are many people who believe this still unable to fully utilize the power of God\'s love in their personal lives?

In this probing book, Dr. David Jeremiah show readers how common misconceptions about God can cause us to miss an opportunity for purposeful and joyful living--misconceptions like believing His rules are restrictive, that He ignores suffering, allows evil, punishes the innocent, and sends people to hell. The author argues, rather, that the Ten Commandments, how God meets us in our pain, why He allows evil in the world, His treatment of those who\'ve never heard about Jesus, and the reality of hell are actually great evidences of His love and His benevolent involvement in the world.

GOD LOVES YOU will enable readers to consciously connect with the healing power of His love and grace like never before.