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by Anchor
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Overview A household name among gospel music lovers, The Booth Brothers showcase their tender harmonies on this new release that features original songs, a ‰ÛÏbig band‰۝ arrangement of the classic ‰ÛÏHappy Rhythm‰۝ and a re-make of ‰ÛÏTouch of the Master‰۪s Hand.‰۝ Combining easygoing melodies and life-changing messages of faith, these award-winning, HOMECOMING stage favorites shine brighter Track Listing 01. Faith Keeps Walking 02. Happy Rhythm 03. Still 04. Dirt On My Hands 05. I Am The Word 06. Touch Of The Master's Hand 07. Whenever I Speak His Name 08. Down By The River 09. Wild Flower 10. Jesus Saves than ever with blends that are unmistakable.