Audio CD-Help 2.0

by Anchor
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Help 2.0 is a limited edition release that includes two new songs 'More Love' and 'I Luh God,' plus eight new and unreleased remixes with some unforgettable collaborations. Help was released last year to both critical and consumer acclaim and remains among the top selling Gospel albums this year. With seven Mary Mary albums under her belt, Erica Campbell spread her wings flying solo for the first time in 2013. Having spent 13 years as part of the groundbreaking duo Mary Mary, Erica fearlessly takes a step in a new direction. The new direction is a bold one that forges a new path and journey for Erica Campbell PLAY LIST: 1. Warryn & Erica Convo #1 2. More Than A Lover (Remix) ft. Mr. Talkbox 3. More Love 4. I Luh God ft. Big Shizz 5. Eddie (Remix) ft. Jubu 6. All I Need Is You (Remix) ft. Jonathan McReynolds 7. I'm A Fan ft. Jason Crabb 8. Nobody Else (Thriller Remix) 9. A Little More Jesus ft. Fantasia & Lisa Knowles 10. P.O.G. (Remix) 11. The Question (Classic Rock Remix) 12. Warryn & Erica Convo #2 13. Looking Like 14. Help