Audio CD-Adventures In Odyssey V38: Battle Lines (4CD)

by Anchor
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Strange--no, make that bizarre things are happening to your favorite Odyssey characters. Jason in Alaska and Whit in Odyssey both encounter miraculous healings and unexplainable violence. Before you know it, this strange phenomenon has affected nearly everyone in Odyssey, while a trail of shady characters appears, then disappears only to turn up again someplace else. Whit\'s starting to put things together all right, but will it be too litlle too late? Shocking developments are coming to light . . . even Whit himself is being used as part of this sinister plan. Is Whit all out of options? Find out as the Novacom saga races to a startling conclusion! Volume 38 contains the following stories (and themes): Under the Influence, 1 & 2 (salvation) The Black Veil, 1 & 2 (spiritual warfare) Twisting Pathway (choosing the right path) Clothing (recognizing deception) Box of Miracles (putting our fatih in God, not science) The Unraveling (fighting for what\'s right) Exceptional Circumstances (exposing the truth) Expect the Worst (prayer in times of trouble) Exactly as Planned (hope in troubled times) Exit (the ultimate victory of truth)