Audio CD-Adventures In Odyssey V37: Countermoves (Repack) (4CD)

by Anchor
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Don\'t look now, but is that a camera over there?! As the long-awaited opening day of the new Whit\'s End approaches, all eyes are on Whit and the gang--including some that are uninvited. As more sinister developments unfold, Whit and Connie face trial and tragedy among those closest to them. Jason\'s life is no picnic either: a trip back to wartorn South America lands him in jail! Meanwhile, Mandy and Sarah stumble upon an old friend who vanishes, leaving behind a strange secret message with a warning about \Andromeda.\ What is going on? Find out in these 12 exciting episodes. Volume 37 contains the following stories (and themes): Shining Armor, 1 & 2 (relying on God) O.T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon (being used by God despite our weakness) Strange Boy in a Strange Land (loneliness) Grand Opening, 1 & 2 (trust) Happy Smilers (joy vs. happiness) Secrets (being who you are) Plan B, part I: Missing in Action (coping with difficult events) Plan B, part II: Collision Course (dealing with things beyond our control) Plan B, part III: Crossfire (taking action against wrong) Plan B, part IV: (showing love to friends)