Audio CD-Adventures In Odyssey V35: Big Picture (4CD)

by Anchor
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What\'s a day in Odyssey . . without a sting operation to trace a computer hacker? Or time in prison with a marked man? Or an airborne journey without the plane? As you can see, things are rarely ordinary around Odyssey. But strange as things sometimes get, the truth--and the big picture--always emerge. Volume 35 contains the following stories (and themes): The Big Deal 1 & 2 (standing up for your faith) Life Trials of the Rich and Famous (showing partiality) Missionary: Impossible (the mission field) The Great Wishy Woz 1 & 2 (God\'s protection in life\'s storms) Best Laid Plans (when God\'s plans supercede ours) The Worst Day Ever (Bad days happen) Opportunity Knocks (discerning God\'s will) Red Herring (curiousity) Slumber Party (friendship) Nova Rising (compromise)