Audio CD-Adventures In Odyssey V31: Days To Remember (4CD)

by Anchor
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Join the Odyssey gang for some amazing adventures you\'ll never forget! George Barclay is granted a bizarre Christmas wish that changes the course of history; Katrina\'s ring causes Eugene to be caught between a rock and a hard place; Connie must complete her toughest assignment yet on graduation day; and Whit\'s End hosts a live New Year\'s Eve radio production like you\'ve never heard before! Through these hilarious holiday mishaps and heartwarming tales, your lovable friends learn lessons of thankfulness, commitment, determination, and God\'s providence. Volume 31 contains the following stories (and themes): BTV: Thanks (Thanksgiving) It\'s a Pokenberry Christmas 1 & 2 (living to impact others) New Year\'s Eve Live! (God\'s providence) Wrapped around Your Finger (Valentine\'s Day) Natural Born Leader (determination) Patrick: A Heart Afire 1 & 2 (St. Patrick\'s Day) Faster than a Speeding Ticket (defending the truth) A Lesson from Mike (reaching out to others) Hide and Seek (God\'s search for man) The Graduate (standing up for your beliefs)