Audio CD-Adventures In Odyssey Gold V04/Fun-Damentals: Puns (4 CD)

by Anchor
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In Odyssey, the kids don\'t just learn lessons--they live them! Like the true story of an eccentric man who builds the world\'s biggest floating zoo--in faith. More than just a \discovery emporium,\ Whit\'s End serves as a convenient stage for exploring truths . . . and it\'s always Fun-damentally entertaining! The Gold series includes bonus tracks, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes details! Volume 4 contains the following stories (and themes): By Faith, Noah (Faith) The Prodigal Jimmy (Repentance, forgiveness) A Matter of Obedience (Obedience) A Worker Approved (The importance of Bible study) And When You Pray (Prayer) The Boy Who Didn\'t Go to Church (The importance of regular church attendance) Let This Mind Be in You (Becoming Christlike) A Good and Faithful Servant (Stewardship) The Greatest of These (Unconditional love) Bad Company (Choosing friends wisely) Choices (Standing up for your faith) Go Ye Therefore (Evangelism)