Atheism On Trial

by Anchor
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Find the Words to Defend Your Faith Atheists are launching a new wave of attacks against Christianity and faith in God. Having to constantly defend your beliefs can feel exhausting, and it’s hard to know how to handle atheists’ claims of a more scientific and sophisticated worldview. How can you respond to the increasing hostility to your faith?With instructive clarity, Dr. Louis Markos confronts the modern-day atheists’ claims that new evidence disproves the existence of God. In fact, you will find that the “proof” peddled by new atheists is not new at all—but rather, recycled claims already disproven by Christian thinkers of the past…claims that you can silence today with the same solid logic.Equip yourself to defend your beliefs from a deep well of knowledge and conviction. Stand in confidence that the trial of public opinion versus universal truth has already been held—and God is the victor.