At The Speed Of Light

by Anchor
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It has been said that in each life there comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. And so it was with the author. Based on a deeply personal true story, At the Speed of Light is a poignant journey bountifully weaved with tales of love, faith, hope, forgiveness, success, miracles, grace and dreams come true. Michelle Ritchot, a psychology graduate raised Roman Catholic, and her fiancee Doug, a skilled tradesman with no religious upbringing, were leading the life of their dreams, until one day, while attending a seminar, her path crossed unexpectedly with Jim, a retired military man of Christian faith. Some would say this was destiny, fate, serendipity. She knew it to be the hand of God. Three very different lives and the profound effect two of them had on the one who was left behind.