Astronomy & Space - The Big Bang & Black Holes - Zero to Zillions Theory

by TMW
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This programming explores theories of the Universe exploding from an infinitesimal speck to create matter, radiation, time and space. In the first trillion-trillion-trillionth of a second, the cosmos grew a hundred million times to less than the size of an atom. Then, in another instant, the Universe was the size of a galaxy. Now, billions of years later and strung along vast filaments, our Universe has some 50-billion galaxies that continue to expand as stars within them are born, live and die. In the second half of this program, the creation and disappearance of black holes is explored. These occur when a massive star dies. As the star‰۪s outer layers cascade into space, the core collapses to beyond the visible and becomes a voracious gravitational trap from which nothing, not even light, escapes.